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Lobster with Mango Carpaccio and Grill Pears


  1. Prepare the lobsters splitting its carapace in half. Twist off the tail and claws. Discard carapace or save for stock.
  2. Lay tails flat against a cutting board and insert two stiff wooden or metal skewers along the length of the tails, keeping as close to the shell as possible.
  3. Add lobster tails and claws and cook for 1 minute, in salted boiling water. Remove tails with tongs and transfer to an ice bath. Continue cooking claws for 4 minutes longer, and then transfer to ice bath.
  4. Pull sides of shell outward. The shell should open up easily. Remove tail meat and set aside. The same as for claws and knuckle meat.
  5. Use a sous vide cooker, preheat a water bath to desired temperature.
    My recommendation 55 degrees.
  6. Place meat in a vacuum bag or heavy-duty zipper-lock bag ( remove the air from bags ). Add 2 tablespoons of butter, lemon grass, 1 clove garlic and thyme sprigs.
  7. Add bagged meat to water bath and cook for at least 20 minutes and up to half hour, at 54 degrees.
  8. Remove lobster from bag, discard the rest of ingredients, and serve immediately with mango carpaccio, grilled pears and hot emulsion (I’ve spoke about) for dipping, garnished with micro greens.

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