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Chef Atelier

Open Kitchen Boutique

A family business started from Chef Cezar Munteanu’s passion for cooking and Mona Nicolici’s passion for people and stories. Once you step in, you feel like you entered your friends’ home. Chef Atelier is a boutique restaurant with an intimate and creative setup, the place where you meet & greet the Chef thanks to the Open Kitchen concept. Here you will taste fine cuisine meals cooked and served by Chef Cezar itself. Come in for a friendly setting decorated with natural wooden elements and accompanied by rock, blues & jazz tones.

Book a table

Make a reservation to be sure there is enough room for you and your friends and talk about your menu.
Chef Cezar will help you to take the right decision.

Contact us by e-mail cezar.munteanu@chefcezar.com or phone 0746 555 505.

Location: Bucharest, Pictor Ion Andreescu 10.


Open kitchen. Open stage. Open minds. 
“One private table restaurant”. Tasting menu and wine pairing.
Boutique restaurant, made available exclusively for a minimum of 4, maximum 10 people.
Each event is hosted by Chef Cezar and his wife, Mona Nicolici.
Open every Friday and Saturday evening, starting from 5 PM. Please, book your table in advance. Also open on different occasions or on demand.

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