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Little About Me

The History

I love my job more than anything in the world. I decided to become cook at 15 years old, when by
chance I prepared the best peach melba for a teacher.

She convinced me I can make a career out of this.
I walked this path against the will of my parents who thought I had to be a doctor.

Stubborn how you know me I decided to follow my passion despite all the barriers and the labels the
society puts you when you choose to be…just a Chef.

I have cooked for one of the most important personalities in Romania and from abroad. I learned from
the best. I passed on to those who needed and were led by the same passion.

I still learn. And I want to leave my mark in this world.

A fascinating world, sometimes hard, but full of the joy I live when I feel that my work counts and makes
people happy.

Enjoy my cuisine

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My Platings

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